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This post was created for the 5/21/11 "event" for up to date shirts relating to the 10/21/11 "event", check out our other  post.

Whether you believe in the Rapture and the end of the world or not, we're sure you'll find these Planetary Alignment t-shirt designs worthy of at least a chickle if not a full-blown belly laugh!

LOL , Rapture shirt

For those of you who don't know what May 21st 2011 is all about, American Preacher Harold Camping predicts that it is the date of the second coming of Jesus Christ. He states that that day is Judgement Day and that believers will spontaneously be 'raptured' to Heaven whilst the rest of us will end up in the firey place. It has something (or nothing) to do with the fact that on 21 May, six other planets will be in almost perfect alignment with the earth.

More Rapture prediction posts to come for the "other" rapture dates!!

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